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Voted for Decentraland on the district0x site

I just voted on the district0x site for Decentraland to be prioritized as a project. Here is how that works: You get some district0x DNT tokens into a suitable ERC20-compatible wallet (they suggest MetaMask), and then go to the district0x … Continue reading

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What I’ve learned about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) investing

I’ve had some queries about what I’ve been doing and learning about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and investing — how this all works, and how I pick which companies to invest in. So here is a little min-primer based on what I’ve … Continue reading

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You, Too, Can Be Part of a Venture Investment Fund!

#AICOIN Today I joined the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for AICoin.   AICoin will use blockchain technology to support a decentralized collective of investors, voting to decide which cutting edge blockchain and AI companies to invest in. AI will also … Continue reading

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Sansar Creator’s Guide

Sansar Creator’s Guide: Building Compelling Experiences in Virtual Reality This book is intended as an introduction to the basics of using and creating Virtual Reality experiences in Sansar. Sansar is a social online Virtual Reality (VR) system that can be … Continue reading

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