Sansar Creator’s Guide

Sansar Creator’s Guide: Building Compelling Experiences in Virtual Reality

This book is intended as an introduction to the basics of using and creating Virtual Reality experiences in Sansar.

Sansar is a social online Virtual Reality (VR) system that can be accessed by through your personal computer. A VR headset can improve the experience, but is not required.

Sansar ‘Experiences’ are ‘places’ you can visit and engage with, and where you can interact socially with other people. Why are they not simply called ‘LocatIons’ or ‘Places’? Because the emphasis is on the experience that you can have there.

You can visit Experiences designed by various people and organizations.
Or you can make new Sansar Experiences yourself using skills introduced in this book.

People who will find this book useful include:
– Anyone who wants to understand the basics of how Sansar Experiences work
– Anyone who has been inspired by visiting an Experience and is curious as to how Experiences are created
– Anyone who wants to begin building their own Sansar Experiences

This book is not an advanced guide to using all of the various tools you may eventually want to use in developing high-end experiences. But it will introduce you to the basics, and point you to where to learn more about specific tools and methodologies, and help you get into creating in Sansar smoothly.



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