Decentraland Conference Center

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to lead one of the “district” projects in Decentraland, namely the Decentraland Conference Center.

We had 799 virtual land parcels contributed to create nearly 20 acres of the land for the Conference Center, making it a large conference center by any standard.

We’ve assembled a fine leadership team, and crafted a startup plan which we have shared with the original land contributors, for an upcoming ratification vote.

We’ve also been able to exemplify and teach best practices in creating new organizations by supporting and advising a number of other districts in Decentraland.

We are looking forward to building out the initial VR content of the Conference Center during the course of this year, for a grand opening around the end of the year.

Meanwhile you can learn more about the Decentraland Conference Center by visiting our web page, at or by joining the conversation at

So, why a virtual reality conference center?

We believe that Virtual Worlds and Virtual Reality can enable new paradigms of collaboration, learning, cooperative endeavors, colocation, and consultation among people. We also believe that a virtual conference center can contribute greatly to the successful development of virtual worlds. Whereas much of the space in a virtual world like Decentraland may be a dense urban reality, or private property, an open, spacious and inviting Conference Center can encourage people to meet, think deeply, converse well, and consult about projects and the future, not only for Decentraland, but for the development of human potential and the future of civilization.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Here’s a glimpse of the prototype of the main entrance to the Conference Center.


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