Here is my Family History page, including the diary of the Rev. Thomas W. Hinds from 1850.

I am married to Terry Fravel.  

We have three daughters:

  • Kelly Snook
  • Stephanie Alves
  • Rebecca Snook

Kelly is married to Caeli Lohr.

Stephanie is married to Faizi Alves.
They have two daughters:

  • Emily Alves 
  • Sofia Alves

Rebecca has had three children:

  • Anthony Snook
  • Melissa Martinez, who passed on in 2010 
  • Nikolai Helenek

Here is our Thanksgiving 2010 family picture…

Fravel Family Thanksgiving 2010

Fravel Family Thanksgiving 2010

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  1. Sofia says:

    This is a great picture!
    I like Nikoali’s face.

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