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Kudos to AICoin and First Global Credit for Their Brilliant Business Model and Successful ICO!

The AICoin business model is brilliant. AICoin is a leading example of a new generation of ICO: A solid existing company like First Global Credit uses an ICO to launch a new line of business, but has the strength of an … Continue reading

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FreeMind – a new, free Mind Mapping tool. I have used MindMapper Pro from MindJet for years and really like it. A quick look here says that FreeMind appears to have 2 obvious plusses… free, and the ability to get a denser mind map when you need … Continue reading

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Zork, Infocom, and other Interactive Fiction on Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac

Zork, Infocom, and other Interactive Fiction on Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac Overview Our favorite old Adventure game and many Infocom games (like Zork, Suspended, Planetfall), as well as many newer “Interactive Fiction” games (like Spider and Web) are available … Continue reading

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HDR effect on Android LG Revolution Camera360 app

Here are a set of enhanced and original picture pairs that show the results of the “HDR (Lite)” effect on the Camera360 Ultimate app on my LG Revolution Android smartphone. This app is available on the Android Market, from mAPPn, … Continue reading

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Comparison of Sound / Audio Recording Applications on Android LG Revolution

Here are some notes i took while comparing the features and audio quality on four Android audio recording applications I just tested on my LG Revolution phone. The good news is that with a high quality recording app, the microphone … Continue reading

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How I set up remote debugging (xdebug) with Netbeans.

This setup allows you to step through php code, including looking at variable values, that’s running on a remote server…. Downloaded and installed JDK (1.6.25) Downloaded and installed the Netbeans 7.0 PHP bundle Tried and failed to install xdebug on … Continue reading

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