HDR effect on Android LG Revolution Camera360 app

Here are a set of enhanced and original picture pairs that show the results of the “HDR (Lite)” effect on the Camera360 Ultimate app on my LG Revolution Android smartphone. This app is available on the Android Market, from mAPPn, Inc

I have not yet taken the time to ascertain what caused the “haze”/”fog” look in the originals. It could be one or more of the following:
1. Dirty lens (not uncommon on phone cameras)
2. Dispersion of light or UV in the lens
3. Diffraction around the edge of the very small lens opening on a camera phone.
4. Dispersion of light or especially UV in the high humidity of New Orleans air, more visible to camera than to the eye.
5. Something else intrinsic to the camera not listed above.

In general the HDR (Lite) effect in this camera app improves the picture, especially with regard to exposure.
Its effect in also enhancing the color saturation is more than I would prefer, and I see some color shifting as well.

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