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How I set up remote debugging (xdebug) with Netbeans.

This setup allows you to step through php code, including looking at variable values, that’s running on a remote server…. Downloaded and installed JDK (1.6.25) Downloaded and installed the Netbeans 7.0 PHP bundle Tried and failed to install xdebug on … Continue reading

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Misguided attempts by the Iranian authorities to prevent Baha’is from receiving education.

The authorities in Iran have raided the homes of Baha’is who are providing alternative education for college students, after expelling students from regular college merely for being Baha’is.   This is part of a misguided effort by the Iranian regime to … Continue reading

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Three years on, Iran’s imprisoned Baha’i leaders symbolize the oppression of a nation

In the United States, some 300 congressional staff, representatives from human rights groups, media personnel and community members, attended a meeting at Washington’s Hart Senate Office building on 12 May, while a worldwide audience logged on to a live webcast … Continue reading

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