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5 Responses to Home

  1. David Grego says:

    Just picked up a Gentle Electric Envelope Follower and would like to locate a manual for its parameters and optimization. Got any clues where I could / should begin my search? Thanks, David

  2. gary working says:

    I have a testimony where this super blue green algae saved the lives of a number of horses right near deaths door trust me this works

  3. Daniel Ross says:

    Baha’i not= Bahai

    In many Near Eastern or Middle Eastern languages, appending “i” to any name or word means “people of” that name or word. I assume that “Baha’i” means “people of Baha”, loosely translated as “followers of Baha”. The apostrophe is the clue. Pronounced as “Baha….i”, not “Bahai”. Caveat: I am not a scholar on the subject.

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