Voted for Decentraland on the district0x site

I just voted on the district0x site for Decentraland to be prioritized as a project.

Here is how that works: You get some district0x DNT tokens into a suitable ERC20-compatible wallet (they suggest MetaMask), and then go to the district0x site and vote for a project. DNT tokens will probably be valuable for both economical and governance reasons.

Here is how I did it:

* The basic instructions are found in the voting area on the district0x site
But I’ve detailed the steps more here.

* Set up a exchange account (because they trade the new district0x DNT token already, Bittrex doesn’t yet)

* Deposited some BTC or ETH into the exchange and traded it for DNT

* Install MetaMask wallet — a Chrome extension

* Withdrew the DNT tokens from into my MetaMask wallet.

* Instructed MetaMask about the new DNT token

* Transfered a small amount of ETH into the MetaMask wallet too, to pay for the gas of the voting process.

* Went to the voting area on the district0x site

* Scrolled down to find Decentraland

* Launched Metamask (so it is running in the Chrome browser for sure, else the Vote button will be greyed out)

* Clicked on the VOTE word JUST BELOW the Decentraland progress indicator (not above the Decentraland section).

* MetaMask will pop up asking you to Submit (or reject) the vote. You don’t lose any DNT in voting, just a small ETH mining fee.

* Once your Tx is fully confirmed, your DNT balance will be added to the vote on the district0x site.

* If you change the amount of DNT in that wallet, you will change your vote!

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