Family History – Hinds and Fravel

This is a collection of information about our family history.

Rev. Thomas W. Hinds

Here is a PDF scan of the 1850 Diary of the Rev. Thomas W. Hinds and Related Documents which my mother gave me.   It was typed up around 1983, possibly by Leland Hinds.

It contains a typed copy of the diary from 1850 by my Great Great Grandfather (my Mother Maxine Hinds’s Father’s Father’s Father), as he crossed north America in a covered wagon with his family.   Also included are the genealogy of the descendants of Thomas W. Hinds, as well as recollections recorded by two of them, including that of my Mother’s Father, Carl Henry Hinds.   The second letter may be by Leland Hinds, who my cousin Nina Hinds Richardson told me was probably the one who typed this collection up.

Please contact me if you have more related stories, or more information about the history of this version, or if you know where the original diary is.



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