Remembering the small paintings of Baha’u’llah…

Monday evening Matthew invited me to the Taj Mahal restaurant in Metairie, LA.
It is as good as any Indian restaurant I’ve ever visited.
Thank you, Matthew.

On the wall was a very radiant colorful and beautiful traditional painting of Krishna and his wife Radha, emanating love.

The image was somewhat similar to this one, but large and far more colorful and beautiful:

It raised my spirits so much.

A few minutes into enjoying this, I suddenly remembered something I hadn’t remembered for years:  the small paintings of Baha’u’llah that you see in the archives on pilgrimage, which Bahiyyih Khanum said were a good representation of Him.    In my mind and memory I saw those pictures in a new way last night, connected with the elevated spirit of love for the Manifestation which Krishna has always inspired in me.

Here are the words of Krishna that I remembered there that night…

Whenever dharma decreases,     [dharma means religion, adharma means irreligion]
O Bharata, and then there is
The arising of adharma,
Then do I manifest Myself. (7)

For protection of the righteous
And destruction of the wicked,
For establishing of dharma,
I manifest from age to age. (8)

He who thus knows in its true light,
My divine birth and My action,
Leaving the body, is not born
Again–but he attains to Me. (9)

Freed from attachment, fear, anger–
Absorbed, taking refuge in Me,
Purified by fire of knowledge,
Many have attained My Being. (10)

In whatever way they resort
To Me do I thus reward them.
It is My path which ev’rywhere
All men follow, O Arjuna. (11)

–          Krishna, The Bhagavad Gita (song of the Beloved), Chapter 4, verses 7-11

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