For whom is the Tablet read?

I was inspired to write this poem yesterday when contemplating
the destruction of the resting place of Quddus.
You are welcome to use or share or distribute it however you wish.
Much love,
Carl Fravel


For whom is the Tablet read?

The grave of the Holy One is razed.
And raised in our hearts to a new knowing.
For whom is the tablet read?

These days know weeping, yet compassion.
Anticipating fresh victories,
we await their new faces fondly.

The tablet of visitation for Quddus…
We say it for ourselves, and yet more
for those in the Cradle of the Faith.
May they ever see more gain
than the loss they feel today.

Watching our growing unity,
Quddus is radiantly happy,
urging us onward.


— Carl Fravel, Scotts Valley, 4/23/04

The Tablet referred to is the
Tablet of Visitation for Mulla Muhammad ‘Ali-i-Barfurushi (Quddús),
by His Holiness, The Bab

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